MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 40A

The MPPT Charge controller is the perfect tool for domestic solar systems. It provides intelligent optimized charging of the batteries ensuring they charge to a healthy state quickly and last longer.

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Battery float voltage 13.8V 12V system /27.6V 24V system
Battery under voltage) protection 10.6V 12V system /21.2V 24V system
Battery (under voltage) recovery voltage 12.6V 12V system /25.2V 24V system
Charge mode MPPT+PWM MODE
Operating Temperature -10~60°C
Storage Temperature -30~70°C
Humidity requirements ≤90%, No condensation
Temperature compensation -4mV/Cell/°C
Temperature Probe (built components) NTC 100K thermistats
Maximum open circuit voltage of the solar panel 18V-24V 12V system 36V-48V 24V system)
Solar panels maximum open circuit voltage (V) ≤48V


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  • This is a three-time controller into the evening (evening) working time ,an interval of rest or pause time,Dawn working time (morning light function),the user can according to their needs ,set a different time
  • MPPT 40A solar controller applied to the solar photovoltaic system which is used to coordinate solar panels, storage battery and load. It is a very important assembly in the photovoltaic system. It is different from other solar controllers that it is add the comprehensive protection function makes the whole solar photovoltaic system operate efficiently and safely
  • MPPT 40A solar controller can adjust automatically the working voltage of solar panels, which can make solar panels work consistently in the maximum power point of the V-A characteristic curve in a whole day. Compared with common solar controllers, it is equipped with temperature compensation function, can make the work efficiency of photovoltaic modules increased by 30%, and can observably prolong the life of the storage battery
  • MPPT 40A: MPPT 40A Solar Panel Charge Controller Regulator Solar panel 500W/12V 1000W/24V Compatible with 1000W(24v) solar panel with dark activated function, Max current is 40A Timer Intigrated (Lighting function) USB 5V charging (for 500mA) for mobile phone.

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