The Payments Systems Environment in Zimbabwe – August 2018 Report

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look into what the payments sector looks like in Zimbabwe. Who is doing what, who is responsible for what and where is there room for improvement?

Zimbabwe has seen its fair share of economic challenges, the hyperinflation period from 2004 to 2008 being the unforgettable one. That hyperinflation period thankfully came to an end when the multi-currency regime was introduced in early 2009.

However, as the USD became the de-facto currency it did not take long for currency shortages to creep up. This in turn necessitated the move to electronic means for payments. This was a sharp turn as cash had been the main payment method.

As all this happened there had to be innovations to make sure business continued as usual. These innovations ensured payments were able to go through as the main payment method (cash) fell to its knees.

In this report we will examine what the payments sector looks like in Zimbabwe. We will look at the essential players as well as the non-essential. We will seek to understand howpayments are being made in the country and see where the opportunity for innovation is – both for private payment service providers and regulation.