The State of Blockchain Technology in Zimbabwe – June 2018


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Blockchain technology has been hailed as the technology of the future. It has been said that it has the
potential to revolutionize multiple industries with some going as far as to call it the new internet.

Whilst we agree that the technology has some useful applications we also think some of the evangelists
are overpromising and too excited to see its limitations. Let us examine this new technology.

In this report we will not be looking to describe what blockchain technology is:

The focus of this document will be:

  • The practical applications of the technology, looking at how it can be applied to various industries. This will involve briefly looking at examples of what application could look like for multiple industries; banking, human resources and more. After that some examples in more detail will be explored, one of which will be an existing solution on supply chain management.
  • The organizations and companies currently utilizing blockchain technology in Zimbabwe. What are they using the technology for?
  • The barriers to adoption of the technology in Zimbabwe, looking mostly at challenges unique to Zimbabwe. Most of the challenges we will look at are as were shared to us by those people and companies currently invested in the new technology.