DStv in RTGS Dollars

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To pay your DStv in Zim Dollars (RTGS$) download the Techzim Market App from Google Playstore.

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Paying For Your DStv in RTGS Dollars

With the current confusion around currencies in Zimbabwe, it’s not easy to pay for your DStv to Multichoice. If you don’t have USD in your hands in Zimbabwe and you don’t have relatives in South Africa who can make payment for you, you may go without your favourite entertainment. Not anymore. You can now simply pay in RTGS$ using the  Techzim Market App.

How do you pay in RTGS Dollars?

To pay for your DStv in RTGS dollars follow these simple steps:
  • If you don’t have the Techzim Market App already, download it here. (Only for Android)
  • Open the app and click on DStv from the home screen
  • Select the package you want (for example Compact) and if you want PVR or Xtraview too, select that too where it says ‘Addon’
  • Enter the SmartCard number for your DStv (SmartCard number not account number)
  • Enter the surname of the DStv Account Holder
  • Enter your WhatsApp number so we can notify you when your DStv is now online
  • Select the bank you will use to do a ZIPIT payment
  • Click Buy
  • Confirm the ZIPIT payment by entering your ZIPIT PIN
  • After verifying your transaction, we will credit your account and notify you via WhatsApp.

How much do you pay?

Below is a table showing what you pay for each package:
BouquetUSD PriceTotal You Pay
Compact +US$45.00$24000.00
Xtra View (Add on)US$13.00$8640.00
PVR (Add on)US$13.00$8640.00

How long does it take till your account is activated?

  • We have to manually do the actual processing of your subscription which includes payment to DStv. Payments will be processed before end of day, however, payments received after 3pm will be processed the next working day.
Although you can pay through the app at any time, we only process during the workweek, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. 

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8 reviews for DStv in RTGS Dollars

  1. munya

    when i pay dstv using my tech zim app how can i see that my account has been credited in order for me to not repeating transaction

    • Tinashe Nyahasha

      After a payment is successful the app displays that payment has been successful and there is a schedule of estimated times for you to expect your DStv account to be credited. We do this manually in batches so it is not instant. When we process your DStv we send you a message on WhatsApp. As long as the app has shown you that payment has been successful, please do not attempt the same transaction again

  2. Owen Tendai Chikara

    writing in 2020…is this still functional. The only app on playstore is the TechZim feeds app

  3. Tsitsi Ngara

    I cannot download the app coz its saying your device is not compatible with the application. I was trying to download using Samsung Note 5. Is there another alternative. And is it still possible considering people are on lockdown

    • Rufaro Madamombe

      Hi Tsitsi,

      Unfortunately, the Techzim Market app only works on Android version 6.0 and up because the component of the app that allows us to process ZIPIT payments won’t work on Android versions below that. When a phone’s Android version is below 6.0 you then see the message “your device is not compatible with the application” when you try to download the app.

      We are still processing DStv payments during this lockdown so you’d need to update your phone’s Android version to at least 6.0 or find another phone that has Android version 6.0 or greater. Here is a guide on how to check the Android version of a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and check for updates.

  4. mark

    I made a payment on Saturday 18 April 2020 for a DStv lite package. I have not received a WhatsApp message to confirm that my payment was processed. kindly update.

  5. mark

    hie, I have made a payment today for a dtsv access bouquet. Kindly update the timelines for processing of my payment.

  6. Shemiah

    Is this on the IOS App Store

    • Tinashe Nyahasha

      No. Unfortunately it’s only on Android. Currently payments are suspended too

  7. Nelson Muzondo

    Im trying to make payment its saying * we are currently not accepting dstv services*. So whats the reason?

    • Tinashe Nyahasha

      We should resume the service this week

  8. Moses

    How. Have you resumed DStv payments

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