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Conveniently Pay For Your DSTv

So you have a VISA/MasterCard card for international payments? Well you can use your card to pay for your DSTv easily here. If you have no such card but you have US dollars cash, we will come pick up the cash from you, just make your order and select the appropriate payment method.

If you prefer paying in RTGS Dollars (transfer) click here.

How do you pay with USD cash or card?


  • Select the bouquet you want and click ‘Buy Now’
  • Enter your details for the transaction
  • Remember to enter your smartcard number in the relevant field (not your DSTv account number)
  • Select the payment method you want to use
  • If your payment is by card, select ‘PayPal’ and click on ‘Proceed to PayPal’
  • Enter the relevant details and you will be good to go.
  • The transactions are processed in batches, we will process yours at the next time slot for that.
  • If you want us to pick up the cash, select ‘Cash on Delivery (COD) then click ‘Buy”
  • We will arrange to pick up the cash as soon as possible

How much do you pay?

You pay for the bouquets as priced by Multichoice and an extra USD5.00 which is our transaction fee.

How long does it take till your account is activated?

  • If you pay before 09:30am your account will be credited by 10:00
  • If you pay between 09:30 and 12:30 it will be credited by 13:00
  • If you pay between 12:30 and 3:30 it will be credited by 16:00
  • If you pay after 15:30 it will be credited by 10:00 the next day

All the above are during the work week, Monday to Friday. Weekend payments will be processed the following Monday.


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1 review for DStv in USD

  1. Pidzo

    Can i pay for dstv from diaspora using paypal but for people back home?

    • Tinashe Nyahasha

      Hi, yes you can do that

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